Monday, February 27, 2006

Random Thoughts

My portfolio is doing pretty well (up over 9% while the S&P is up around 1%), but I missed out on some gains. I know I said earlier that I would try to buy a stock based on the charts and before I research it, but I haven't done that yet. I checked my list and missed out on some gains...

There were a few good posts over at the Jones Soday board. Stockdiva definitely made some good points and hopefully it brings out some more discussion.
Target had the Jones Soda Valentines Day packages on sale for $5 (two bottles, a cd, and lip balm).
The flavor (love potion #6) was incredibly good.
Also I saw some poster said that their can packages was the same as everyone else. I think their packages are sub-par, because even when I get the ones that seem fine- it falls apart fairly easily.

Are you getting enough sleep?
It looks like I'm in the minority of those who get under six hours. I try to get enough sleep, but it's hard. If I fall asleep by 10pm, I'll end up with around 5.5 hours. On some days I'll go to sleep really early, but I might still feel sleepy. For instance, last night I went to sleep around 845 and I got over seven hours of sleep. I was hoping to feel refreshed when I woke up, but I was still sleepy.

I'm probably going to buy the Schweser online test bank questions for the CFA, which is another $250. I used PassPro and looking back, I would not recommend them because you get a lot of the same questions and they are not too difficult.

I also found this site and it seems interesting. It's set up to test your skills and teach you about financial analysis using Excel. If you buy one of the higher end packages, you get enough credits to earn a Certification in Applied Financial Modeling (sounds cool...)

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