Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

I'll just make a quick comment first. So far, Quicken is a really cool piece of software. I'm still updating my info and getting things organized, but it is really easy to use. When you first set it up, it basically does everything for you. I think it took me literally five minutes and I was able to have my credit card info, bank info, ING, and brokerage transactions downloaded into the program.
I'll write more on it as I learn more, but so far it looks to be a good buy.

I just wanted to wish anyone reading this a happy thanksgiving. Use this time to forget about your stocks, savings, put your frugality aside, and spend some time with family (and in my case I plan on sleeping in).

I'll be back on Monday!


Fonzie said...

TOS works with Quicken now? That's fantastic!

Alpha said...

Actually I was using my old Scottrade account for my past transactions (because they keep the the account open even after you leave, which is helpful in this case). Quicken doesn't recognize TOS, but I think on the TOS website they now have a part where you can download your transactions to a quicken file. *i think*