Monday, November 21, 2005

An expensive weekend and a day of green

This weekend I went a little overboard in the spending category by buying a good amount of things (the biggest item was concert tickets, which set me back about $120). I ended up selling two other concert tickets, so that helped out a bit. I definitely like saving my money, but I also want to have fun. That's the balance I need to perform. My savings would definitely be a lot higher if I was incredibly frugal, but how much fun is that? Basically, I don't want to miss out on certain fun things just to save a few bucks.

Everything on my screen ended up in the green except for three stocks. It was a pretty wild day with a few of the tickers. I glance at a few of them throughout the day and today I noticed Google down all the way to $393 and then it finished the day up to almost $410.

Also Jones Soda was approved to be on the Nasdaq Small Cap, and hopefully this brings a little more liquidity. It ended the day up 2.45%


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How To Be Poor said...

Hey, what's your take on Google stock? I have a feeling it's overhyped and then some ...