Tuesday, November 22, 2005

End of Year Rally

The markets had another good day today and as you can see here the S&P has been fantastic recently. So can it continue? I don't think it will continue at this pace and based on a few technicals you could argue that it will settle down a bit (possibly over-bought). It has been a tough year and it does look like the indexes will end in the positive territory. It's always good to remember these types of years because then you realize that it's hard to end up positive. During the bubble people were taking these double digit returns for granted. It's definitely important to realize that we'll go through tough years. Sometime in the future the markets will end in negative territory, so be prepared.

ENR finally stabilized and then rose quite a bit. It has gained about 9% in the last five days.
I'm still looking at consumer stocks: Campbell's Soup (but then it went up), SLE (maybe stabilizing a bit), HNZ (but the trading is really choppy), and a few others that are at work and have slipped my mind.

One last note
I figured if I have to read/study this stuff, then I'm going to put it here too
CFA tidbit of the day: An impairment writedown decreases assets, deferred taxes, shareholders equity (retained earnings), current net income, ROA/ROE, and depreciation expense. Assets carried at more than their recoverable value are considered impairs.
Fun stuff right?....


Another Bean Counter said...

fun?..its exciting! uh..wait, were you being sarcastic?

Alpha said...

I don't know how you put up with some of this stuff! Reading about the various rules/regulations is putting me to sleep...