Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Things I still need to do

This is basically more of a reminder for myself, but I figured if I made a post it will prevent me from slacking off.

I still need to find out about taking a math class at a junior college. A good friend of mine said it was possible to teach myself some of the basic things (like refreshing pre-calc and calculus), and I have thought about it. If I can fit something into my schedule, I'll probably sign up.

I'm tracking my expenses, but I need to plan out a monthly budget. I know a few other blogs break it down by categories, and I might try this and see how it works.

Regarding my last post about information is key, I need to get myself some more info. I get the Wall Street Journal, but I'm also going to look into re-subscribing to Business Week and then subscribing to Barron's and the Journal of Finance. I don't think it will cost too much money and I think it will be worth it.

Although it's still a few months away, I need to think about the new year. Right now my cash levels are too high and I need to invest. Besides that, I should look into setting a 2006 goal, but I will need more info about some cash inflows.

Nev over at his blog, always manages to try new experiments and network. I'm going to attempt to do more of these two things. Right now I'm talking and meeting with more traders from different firms (went to lunch with one today), and I'm looking into joining some investment related groups in the city. In November I'm going to an options training class and I'm going to try to meet some new people there.

Looks like I need to do a lot of things!

Jones Soda comments: I haven't had time to listen to the conference call and I just glanced at the numbers at work. The two big things I noticed was the increase in Accts Receivables and the huge increase in Inventory. I'm assuming they are stocking up for the last part of the year (Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas), but I wonder how this increase (something like +38% from last Q if I remember?) is within range in terms of their past history. Also, for some reason I thought the revenues were a little light. Tomorrow I should be able to print out a transcript of the cc. Any comments?

As for the comment spamming, I switched it so only registered users can leave comments and hopefully it will cut down the spam a little. A guy mentions a little gambling here and there and all the spammers come out....