Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A little extra income

I received a reimbursement check as well as some money from an eBay sale. This should add about $250 to my net worth, so I'll take that. I've also finally gathered a stack of books I might try to sell on eBay or Amazon.

The market has not been too fun these past three months. It's been filled with a ton of anxiety, and with that strong emotion comes volatility. I've seen stocks start off the morning going up over $1 and then ending the day down $1. I haven't been able to spend too much time looking at stocks, but I have been spending more time looking at graphs.

One of my new technical analysis projects is trying to find patterns of price run-ups or downward momentum and how far it moves from particular moving averages. It's going to require a ton of numerical data and I'm finding a hard time gathering the info from the software we use. So far it is pretty interesting though. I'm also trying to teach myself technical analysis by looking at graphs and using moving averages, MACD, and rsi to see if they will go up or down. After writing down my reasons I'm sending my recommendation to the head trader and then he will see if I made a good choice or not. We've been spending more time looking at particular stocks (I can't mention any particular ones) and trying to see his reasons behind certain transactions. It's been a learning experience.