Monday, October 10, 2005

Is anything going up?

The S&P made a new three month low today and well nothing is looking too good. A few months ago everyone was raving about energy and now those are getting hit hard, followed by the home builders, and now companies are getting hit with rising costs. I have been reading and hearing more people talk about a recession looming (and of course I forgot to save links, sorry about that).
It's definitely an odd time right now and maybe I am safer with more cash on the sidelines. I've also started to think more about the type of investor I want to be in the future. Some are buy and hold, and I know that's not for me. I've been thinking about it more, and I will probably post something longer before the year is over (maybe like a year-end investment review).

I'm still up in all my holdings except for one (EBF- basically even with dividends). UNTD has been climbing upwards and hopefully it continues for awhile. I still need to add some more stocks to my portfolio and I do like the idea of looking into small-caps or even micro-caps, although that can be risky.

I missed out on a good eBay sale. There's a concert that I knew would sell out fast and I tried incredibly hard to buy some tickets. I logged on to the site and right when the tickets went on sale I tried buying them. I was unable to get the tickets I wanted. If I had, the total cost would have been around $110 for two tickets. The last time I looked on eBay, the same type of tickets were going for $500...maybe next time.