Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Some financial goal updates and etc.

Another down day in the market, so I'm looking for buys with my free cash. I also have five free commissions from some referrals I made (my parents opened up some IRA's recently) and I might use these free trades for a few quick trades in the coming weeks. I had six, but I used one today when I got rid of MLI. It was down a bit in the morning and I was feeling uncomfortable with it so I sold, and then it dropped some more. Now of course tomorrow it's going to have an up day....

NTE finished the day up 1.55% and the strength in LB surprised me, this morning it was up over 7% but only managed to finish the day up 2.86%. Tomorrow might be some profit taking, hopefully it doesn't get hid too hard- but it might since it usually has a low volume.

Time to update my financials:
  • WaMu $553
  • Cash in hand $55
  • ING $4,341
  • IRA $55 (actual is around $58, but I'll more than likely just keep it constant for now)
  • Scottrade $17,423 (stocks and cash)
Total: $22,427

Some updates:
I do have a $50 automatic withdrawal into my ING account and sometime this week I'll be changing this to a $75 automatic withdrawal.
I lent $300 to a good friend (I have no worries about this) so this might bring my net worth down a bit for the next few months. I should get the money back by the end of April.
I have a check for $25 that I haven't cashed yet, so this is not included.
I also made a few eBay sales. I sold some concert tickets (limited supply, huge demand- that's when you want to sell). All the costs have already been deducted from my net worth. The first sell had a total cost of $105 and it completed yesterday for $215 - a nice 105% gain.
My other auction is still going on, the total cost was $35 and it's currently at $49 with one day to go. At this price this will result in a 40% gain.
These transactions are not part of my net worth until I transfer the money from PayPal to my Wamu account.
Also, and this will be detailed shortly, I'm most likely gonna gamble a bit on the NCAA tournament. I'll be looking into some picks tonight, and hopefully post about it tomorrow.

I've come across a few blogs. One is called I just want to be rich and I think it's a pretty damn funny site. I've been reading this other blog for awhile now and it's quite popular, it's called Frugal for Life. Check them out if you have a chance!

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wannabe_ceo said...

Thanks for the link up. I laid out my my fund list. Feel free to let me know what you think.