Thursday, March 24, 2005

A few thoughts

I honestly don't know what to write about right now- I'm definitely ready for the weekend.
Okay so I decided to place a small bet on Illinois to win (they play tomorrow) and then take the winnings (if they win of course) and bet that amount on N. Carolina to win (they play on friday).
We'll see how this turns out...

How many people are reading this? I have no clue, but anyways I suggest you/everyone should check out Neville's blog (link is on the right) because he did a lotto ticket experiment that is fairly cool.

I will be looking into various ways to get more people to check out my blog, any suggestions would be appreciated! I definitely need to check out some more blogs out there, hopefully I will get to this soon.

The market was pretty mixed today. SFL was initiated a Buy from Bank of America. It was down today and I'm definitely waiting for it to drop a little more and then buy more shares.
LB had a strong day today on no news (+8.70%). I'm not really sure why it rose today, so tomorrow might have some profit taking- hopefully not too much. I originally bought this on 3/7 and it has since rose 22.32%
I have to re-evaluate my position and see if I should take my profits or hold on.

Still need to look for an options brokerage
Still need to do my taxes

There's always something to finish on my to-do list...

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