Thursday, March 17, 2005

March Madness

It's March Madness time and I put in a few picks today.
I was unable to transfer more money (it will take a few days), so I only bet about $20.
I had a rough day today (lack of sleep), so I will post more about this tomorrow.
Also, my second eBay sale ended today at just over $91! So I almost tripled my money, not too shabby.

-till tomorrow


~Dawn said...

What do you ebay? Personal stuff or things you picked up at a reduced cost?
I usually just sell my own stuff and then odd stuff from garage sales I stop by once in a great while.

Alpha said...

I do personal stuff, things I find cheap, and others. For instance if a store is coming out with an exclusive offering (i.e. only a few hundred made) and I think there will be a strong demand for it, then I might try to buy it.
I try not to risk too much money when I buy things, because I don't want to be stuck with the product.