Saturday, March 26, 2005

Net Worth Update

I didn't put any bets on the recent games (the winners go on to the Final Four) and I decided to cash out. My last two bets were winners: I had one bet for N Carolina to win (they won by one) and then I did a little risky bet having N Carolina and Kentucky both win (Kentucky beat Utah).
So my final total is $182.50
I could risk some on N. Carolina vs. Wisconsin, but it's not a gimme game so I'm not going to take my chance.

Net Worth Update
Cash in hand (including online betting): $282
Wamu: $291
IRA: $55
ING: $4391
Scottrade: 17,573

Total: $22,592

Cruise: I'll be leaving on Monday for one week and I think for spending money I will bring $175-$200
I had a change jar (not part of my net worth) and it turned out to be over $60, so I will use this for gas money/parking