Sunday, March 20, 2005

Round 2 Updates

This should be a short post.
So Illinois won and that's where I placed my big bet. I also went a little risky and placed a $30 four team parlay: Wisconsin, Duke, Oklahoma St, and Michigan State. All four won so I got back around $65.
I have no current bets and my stack is up to almost $124.
There have been a good number of upsets, and I'm not too sure about the next games. Right now, I'm leaning towards just cashing out with some winnings (or maybe put in one $10 bet).


~Dawn said...

Nice to hear of a better with self-control, you break the stereotype.

Neville said...

If you don't mind answering:

-How much $$ did you start off with it
-To date, how much percentage gain are you at
-How much time do you spend doing your research

P.S. My post today mentioned you

wannabe_ceo said...

Good luck on your bets. Luckily I opted against it this year. I did a bracket for fun and let's just say Syracuse was in the final game, and UConn and Gonzaga were also going far.My bracket got ripped apart so quickly it was funny.

Alpha said...

I definitely want to always have self-control. I always compare the benefits and the risks involved with each bet- and I always start off with an amount that will not cause too much damage if lost.

I started with around $97 (I had some left over from a previous betting experience) and I'm current over $123.
So percentage-wise, it's +26.8%
As for research: I love basketball so I catch as many big games as possible, although this makes it hard to analyze a team like Vermont since they usually don't play nationally. The research I do involves looking over the past scores for both teams, taking note of individual players (ie does the best player get into foul trouble)
also I check how the line-up compares, if one team has several big men (power forwards/centers) who are the main players, but the other team lacks in the big men area- this is a big advantage. Then I normally check the starting point guard, he's the one who controls the team.

i think everyone's bracket is messed up this year! (so far 3/4 of my final four are still there- the other one was Wake)

Neville said...

Thanks Jason,

If I start betting, I won't be doing more than 5 minutes of research. I hate watching sports on TV for hours on end...although my new roommate just brought in his giant 60" TV, and I must admit..sports look a WHOLE lot better on it!