Monday, February 12, 2007

Update on the Biz

I'll take a moment to update anyone who might be interested on how things are coming.

There isn't a whole lot to report. Just the usual - fighting with vendors, waiting for mail, that kind of thing.

The vendor this time is Verisign. Good lord, it shouldn't be this fuggin' difficult! WTF is the problem with VeriSign!?!?!?! For the love of God, I have tried for 2 weeks to get them a document and every time they receive it, they have a problem with it. Anyone who holds an aversion to cursing should skip the next paragraph.

You know, if you're a startup, you might not be listed in the bloody phone book. We're a fucking startup! Its called stealth, you dumbasses! Just get the damn form, approve it, and give me my friggin' certificate. I don't see what's so difficult here. I'm willing to give you my money and you don't want to exchange it for something of value to me??? WTF?

I feel much better now.

On the other hand, my partner has been making some nice progress. Hopefully, by this Friday, we'll have even more supported platforms for our software. Now its time to find an attorney. I hope to have one locked up by now, but both of the people I wanted to work with have disappeared off the face of the planet. Sounds like a conspiracy to me. I mean, I'm willing to pay - and if I can't pay, compensate on some level, a mix of equity and cash - and still can't get people I know and trust. Very disheartening. Looks like I'll have to turn in the one direction I had least expected to turn, and had most avoided - family.


I swear there's probably something else to say, but my brain is slowly decaying in my skull. More tax forms to complete, a letter to FedEx to VeriSign (since faxes seem so difficult for them to handle, and don't get me started on e-mail), and other random shite.

Until next time....avoid VeriSign if you can...

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