Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Marketocracy Funds go live

Caught this over at VentureBeat that Marketocracy has finally launched mutual funds based on the picks of its top 4 stock pickers. A nice interview with the top performing guy, Chris Rees, is included with the VentureBeat article. Very cool.

I wonder how much overlap there was/is between his portfolio and the portfolio of Steven A. Cohen. Reportedly, Cohen's returns since 1992 have averaged over 40% annually, although I don't have the exact number handy. It would be cool to compare Rees' portfolio since 1992 with Cohen's. Just an interesting thought exercise.

I have a portfolio over at Marketocracy. I think the last time I looked at it was some time last year. I just don't have the time to focus on stock picking like I would like to (or be able to), especially while trying to hold down a full time job and build a startup, nevermind all the other things I'm doing concurrently.

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