Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Blog Recommendation - The Housing Bubble Blog

This one is almost as much a comedy entry as a serious business entry. You gotta love some of the comments re-posted on this blog. Classic! Such as this:

"'If you are paying the negative amortization amount, you are looking at a small light at the end of a tunnel,' Smith said. 'It's connected to a locomotive that is going to smack you in the face.'"


And this:

"'Didn't you read the newspapers? Property values are going down!'"

I love this blog. A nice quick daily overview of the overall, ground level state of the real estate market, from all over the world (but obviously with a US bent).

Until next time...which shouldn't be too long from now...

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Shaylor - Limelight Department said...

That's amazing. People can be hilarious! Keep up the great blogging.

All the best,
Shaylor Murray
Real Estate Limelight