Wednesday, February 01, 2006

January Month end

January turned out to be a very good month. My stock holdings did okay, some nice cash inflows, and only a few big cash outflows. I didn't keep track of my expenses as best as I wanted to, and hopefully that will change in the future. I did have some one time expenses: school, school books, CFA notes, registration fees, parking permit, etc.
Overall I'm happy with the month and I started off 2006 on a good note to hit my year end goal of $60,000 (although I have a ton of more work to do).

Here's how I ended January:
My brokerage account had some strong gains (over $800 this month) because my stocks had a good month. Overall my stock holdings increased 6.5% and I received another dividend from NTE.
The other big cash inflows were due to my bonus and raise (although it seems like taxes took a ton away!)

January Net Worth: $41,188
This represents an increase of $8,764 from December's net worth. In percentage terms, I increased my net worth by 27% from December.
*This will not be the norm!*
On average it seems I've been increasing my net worth anywhere between 4 and 7% and this is what I expect in the future.

Today I set up a third ING account. I have my regular savings accoung, a Christmas fund account, and now I have a Vacation account. I set it up so it will take $20 per week from my bank account and I might not include this in my net worth calculations. My goal is to go to a different country per year, but for this year I don't plan on going till late 2006 (if possible).