Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I'm sure most of you have heard about
It's a site dedicated to give you housing prices so you could check out how much your house is going for. From what I've read, the prices seem to be almost in line with other home pricing services. I checked out various homes off of the site and it's really cool. They use a satellite image where they will give you the price of your home and the ones around it.
It's odd how I checked my parents house ($695k...I don't think it's worth that much, but we're in the San Fran Bay Area so prices are crazy), but then the houses right on either side are worth 10k more. All three houses are the same size so I'm not sure how they came up with those figures.

I think the site was started by some of the same people who started Expedia, so they definitely have some experience in this area. I live two blocks away from one of the really nice parts of San Francisco and I was curious to see how much those houses were going for. Some of them are huge, but others are a regular size. I would estimate that the average price was around $2-2.5 million!
Housing prices are crazy