Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Trading Up

Well, it took me forever and a bloody day, but I finally got my options application in to the mail today. Yay me! We'll see whether I get approved. Cross your fingers. Since I don't plan to write any options, and especially not puts, I think it should be ok.

I'm also looking to lighten up some of my funds today or tomorrow. We'll see how things look near the close. I plan to close out my TREMX, PRMSX and RPIBX, as I prepare to trade into Teresa Lo's satellite portfolio (with a few minor differences).

Anyway, more on this to come. I need to go sleep!


Anonymous said...

Hope you get approved! Thanks for the info.

Khyron said...


I wasn't. After a bit of research, it appears that you probably can't get options trading added to any account if your total account value is less than $25,000. Which does explain why I have seen that number so frequently over the last few weeks.