Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Preliminary June Analysis

Since I had some time before going to sleep, I figured I'd try to throw together some quick and dirty reports about June's financial performance. So far, things look good. I spent $405.84 on food, when my budget allows for $600. I spent $201.04 on gas, which is WAY beneath my ceiling of $794.62. If not for the Misc category, which blew a complete hole in my numbers, things would look great. Add to that the fact that I will be moving next month, so by September my rent will drop from $1650 per month to $1234 for my own 2 bed/1 bath apartment, and I'd say things are in excellent shape.

Anyway, I plan to work with the numbers a bit more and get a better idea on what worked and what didn't. My new diet seems to have had a very positive impact on my finances, if I had to take a guess from these numbers. I front load carbohydrates and finish the day with a salad. Even with a pre-packaged salad, I'm not loading up on sugar-laden food which becomes fat while I sleep. Those pre-packaged salads cost only a few dollars as well, so I can buy a bunch of them for work and still leave room in my budget for eating out the rest of the week (if I choose). Sweet!

Anymore, more to come. Until next time...

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