Thursday, July 31, 2008

Beautiful Day

So I just ran the preliminary numbers for July and things look good. Entertainment kicked me in the ass, but I saw more movies this month than in the entire rest of the year combined. Add in the costs for Projekt Revolution, and I took a big L in this category. However, not all is bad. My calculations are based on a rent payment of $2150 (even though my portion is only $1650; the rest is paid by my roommate). So if we consider that I spent $229.91 on entertainment this month, and subtract out the $500 difference between my rent charge on my credit card and my actual portion, we find that I am really up $270.09.

Not too shabby.

As well, running calculations for my food expenses (overshot my budget of $600 by $48.38 although some of that probably should fall under entertainment), medical expenses (only charged $14.10 against a budget of $75) and fuel expenses (charged $257.84 against a budget of $700) yields a savings of $454.68. That figure includes subtracting out the food overage from the medical and transportation budget savings. This amount has now been transferred to my emergency account, for use on my trip to Trinidad for Carnival next year. I think I've covered over 50% of the expected expenses for that trip in the last 2 months of savings. Its a very nice feeling.

I'll have more on this later, but right now, I'm off to the movies. :)