Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Vewy, Vewy Quiet

Yes, I have been on a brief hiatus from blogging. Not intentioned, mind you, but there's been a lot going on recently although its all coming to an end now.

I basically spent the weekend having as much fun as possible, first with a trip to Kings Dominion (where I rode almost everything) followed by "Iron Man" in digital projection (which is realistically the only way to see such a movie) and then dinner. What made it special was that one of my really good friends was able to join me and my students for this trip. He credits me with giving him one of the best birthday celebrations he's ever had. That works for me.

Sunday was slower, just hanging out with the same friend over at my best friend's house, eating his fantastic cooking, engaging in great conversation, and just enjoying the beautiful weather in the DC area. Talk about living. Simple pleasures are what its all about.

Anyway, now that I'm back I'm getting into the swing of things and catching up on all the stuff going on around me. Soon, I will be student-less, which means 1 less thing I have to spend time doing on a regular basis. I need to accelerate that process, actually.

So I'm back on the case. Thank you all for your patience. I apologize for the delay.

Until next time...

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