Friday, May 09, 2008

Blog Recommendation: Financial Crookery

You'll notice that the rate of blog recommendations has slowed down quite a bit over time. As always, I seem to come across new blogs and sites to read, but many are only so-so, not consistently good. (I imagine someone has made such a decision about my blog as well. Such is life.) However, there are some really good ones out there, and in this post, I am pointing out the latest to join my pantheon of recommended blogs.

Financial Crookery.

This one has it all, or maybe most of it anyway, and in enough proportion to keep you coming back. Really sharp analysis is the most critical piece. While the writing may not be as rich as some of my other favorites (Going Private comes to mind), the quality of the material I have read is awesome. This one is probably log overdue.

Until next time, boys and girls. I'm going now to enjoy the weather while I prepare my response to Teresa Lo.


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