Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Good Sense of a Hedge Fund Manager

Thankfully the one interviewed in this series was rather intelligent, because his interviewer was as dense as lead. Reading this was painful at times, given the absurdity of some of the questions asked. Our intrepid hedge fund manager answered each question with grace and poise. I know, had it been me, I'd have been ripping the interviewer's throat out before the end of part I.

I will admit that the best part (and there are many good bits) has to be our hedge fund manager's quote about why Bear Stearn's management took the $2 per share deal from J.P. Morgan. Quote:

"So I think for these guys it wasn’t just, 'I’m risking 2 dollars if I say no,' it was, 'I’m risking 2 dollars plus anal rape in jail.'"


There really should be a law against people who don't know anything about an industry writing articles about that industry. Really, what's the point? The interviewer is adding no value beyond transcribing words. So entirely sad.

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