Thursday, April 17, 2008

Latest News

This is just a quick update since I haven't been posting as regularly as I was last week. There has been some news, but I have been so busy working out and just enjoying life that I haven't been here to report too much.

First, the self-directed Roth IRA did get opened as previously mentioned!

I've made some changes to my withholding as well, so that I can put more capital to work in my portfolio and paying down my debt. We'll see exactly how that works out. I think I have enough deductions that I can probably decrease the withholding even more. After I see the impact of this most recent change, I'll adjust accordingly. I definitely want to increase the 401(k) contributions so that I can take advantage of the AGI decrease. That is literally my favorite reason for contributing to my 401(k)! Tax deferred growth is all good and fine, but along with the losses in my business interests and the carryover investment losses I have, keeping the AGI down has the most impact on my annual tax bill.

(There are so many great ways to not pay any more taxes than absolutely necessary! I think I've spoken on this before. People need to pay attention to this more carefully.)

Now that the self-directed Roth is open, I am working on adding options trading to my brokerage account. I don't see myself opening a futures trading account until I have at least $50,000 US to fund it with. That's a bit of an aggressive goal for this year, given the others I've already set, so I think that will show up on next year's list.

Anyway, that's it. Good stuff happening here, but the weather is so nice (at least here in the DC metro), you REALLY need to get outside and experience it if you haven't. Summer looks like it'll be a warm one. Got those natural gas futures ready?

Until next time, boys and girls...

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