Sunday, September 02, 2007

Inside the Googleplex


I admit, my Google interview was a bitch, and I didn't get the job. More and more, I'm glad I didn't, and I see that sentiment from other places as well. I first had a call from Google in 2002, one week after starting a new gig. I had a phone interview in fall 2005 when I had been awake for about 18 hours after working all night, so probably not the best conditions for high performance. But I blew it, plain and simple. The interview was fun, in a masochistic sort of way, but I digress...

I personally think Marc Andreessen's Law of Crappy People will eventually infect Google, if it hasn't already. The growth rate has just been sickening. The idea was that Google was minimizing its use of expensive humans by implementing cheap computing resources. 13,000+ employees and growing?
Ha! (That's based on the Google recruiter e-mails I still get.) Would I short 'em? Not yet, but I haven't done any extensive research either. However, that time is coming.

Just a thought.

This post brought to you by Blogger, a Google company. The link to the Wired article is courtesy of Google's search engine. Oh, the irony!

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