Friday, August 17, 2007

Quick REI Musings

Isn't it fun watching to see who was swimming naked when the tide goes out?

Man, real estate investing definitely got harder in some key ways over the past few weeks. No surprise there, even for someone like me who was in the hospital last week. However, there is opportunity here. I've been dealing with another investor for a number of weeks over some properties he wants to unload. I think these conditions will help him see that if he wants out of these investments, he's going to have to give up some of his ideas about the number he wanted/wants. Of course he could always sell to some out of state buyer who thinks they are getting a steal. (Damn New Yorkers and Californians! I hate those fuckers!) However, I don't see that happening. I deal with the man all the time and I can barely get an appointment with him. I have his cell phone number, and I'm certain he doesn't just give that out to anyone. We've got a multi-year relationship.

For those who read this blog and have seen me post on Baltimore real estate investing, all I have to say is "whoa!" That's it. Whoa! Man, so many people will take it in the ass in Baltimore that its going to look like a bad prison rape porn flick. I love it, because I won't be one of them. Yay! To be the last man standing, that's the plan. The credit rating is becoming immaculate. The cash is waiting and growing, albeit a bit more slowly than I'd like but it is still growing. Relationships are being forged. All I need to see is a bit more blood. Soon, I think it will be time to attack!


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