Friday, August 24, 2007

Blog Updates

You'll notice some updates in the recommended sites along the right margin of the blog. As I've been catching up on my reading, I've come across a gaggle of informative sites, including a bunch of real estate sites dealing with the Washington, DC area.

The first among the new sites is The Realinvestor, the blog of Sherman Ragland, a well known investor in the DC metro area. Sherman is also the head of the DC Real Estate Investors Association (REIA) of which I am a member, and he's generally a nice guy. His writing is and speaking is generally insightful and useful, even if its a bit inaccurate with some of the finer details of the financial machinery. We won't hold that against him. :-)

You'll also find the Baltimore Housing Bubble blog and Inside the DC Bubble as new additions. Both go into nice detail about their particular markets, clearly written from the perspective of residents of each city. "On the ground" analysis is always welcome. Patrick.Net contains a running tracker of major RE news stories from around the country along with commentary.

Under alternative investments, I added The Aleph Blog which provides really awesome yet readable commentary on markets from the perspective of a professional investment analyst.

In the news site category, I added the International Herald Tribune. I like their website, especially the layout, which helps promote readability. IHT helps round out my international reading, along with some sites I have yet to add. Those are forthcoming. You'll also notice the addition of Here is The City to the news category. I just found this site courtesy of my friend Finbar Taggit, and again, it adds to the diversity of news sources.

Under business sites we have The Epicurean Dealmaker, an wonderfully entertaining and insightful blog from a seasoned M&A banker. I can tell I'm going to expand my vocabulary by reading this one.

So, those are the newly recommended sites, for anyone who hadn't noticed. I hope you find them as informative and enjoyable as I do.

Time to get back to work...

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