Sunday, August 12, 2007

In Search of New Employment

I have finally decided to pursue the dream of finding employment in the world of alternative investments. It has not been easy to make this decision, since it is completely foreign to the world with which I am familiar (technology). However, I have felt myself stagnating in the technology realm since leaving California in 2002. Now I look up, 5 years have passed, and its all a blur.

I miss the excitement, the energy, the fear of working in a startup. As much as I would love to find something similar in the technology arena, I'm not sure such exists in the Washington, DC metro area. Pretty fuggin' sad, actually, but wholly unsurprising.

Finance has always been a personal interest of mine, literally since I was a kid. I mean, I had the audacity to attempt to calculate the value of the contents of Scrooge McDuck's money bin using the prevailing per-ounce price of gold in the mid 80s. Of course, I was guided into other arenas by well meaning but unfamiliar people in my life but such IS life. I've maintained my interest in markets, finance, and how money works through all of those changes and it has even grown significantly. The whole "game" (if I may use that word) is fascinating to me.

It has become clear that a new challenge is in order. I like what I do (whom I do it for, that is another story). However, among other things, writing this blog has shown me that I need to actually start playing full on w.r.t. to this "hobby". Consider this the first step.

I would love to find an analyst position within a hedge fund or PE firm, although after this past week, employment with the former may be a bit difficult to come by. I'd even consider a technology position within one of these entities, as a stepping stone to becoming an analyst and then into portfolio management. I'm completely open. What I do know is that my current situation isn't working. So, with that said, from time to time, don't be surprised if I use this space to document my trials and tribulations in searching for employment in the world of alternative investments.

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The Dividend Guy said...

Hey Alpha Guy - Congratulations on your decision. As they say, "The first step is always the hardest." Good luck in your search.

The Dividend Guy

Greg said...

As we've talked about many times, breaking into an industry is difficult and I think the two industries that it's practically impossible to break into IMO are sports and finance. I think the best bet for guys like us would be to head back to school. It's sad but true.

Raul is making all sorts of headwind at Columbia (ya, it's Columbia) and though many of them don't seem to pan out, at least that takes you into the realm. Ultimately though, as there is no tech in the DC Metro area, I don't think that the breaking point for finance can be found in the DC Metro area either. Gotta head to New York my man.