Friday, April 20, 2007

Net Worth Update


It really has been 4 days since I last posted. Fugg me!

I've spent a lot of time over the last few days tweaking the sidebar, and I think I've finally achieved 85% of what I want. I basically want this site to be a reference site for me when I have time. Yes, I know, I could turn to good ol' social bookmarking, but I like hacking on HTML (a little). Besides, I don't particularly care for reimporting bookmarks into yet another application - a website no less. Maybe it actually makes things easier, but right now, I prefer how I am doing things. I don't find it to be so much of a hassle.

Anyway, time to update my net worth stats. It has been a while.

My net worth, based on the check I just received (thank you Direct Deposit) comes to $106,177. Most of this has come from both decent investment returns, with a fair amount of international exposure, as well as a strong savings plan. I have some investment real estate, but the bulk of my accountable real estate exposure comes from a REIT inside of my 401(k) - the Phoenix Dodge & Phelps Real Estate Securities Fund. The real estate investments with my partners are still valued at the the level of cash investment made, since there really isn't any audited information to use.

(Bloody friggin' accountant. Should go burn down HIS offices! Now the guy is moving offices, in the middle of tax season! WTF? If you can't do the job, just say that so I can find someone who can!)

Anyway, there are some major caveats to this which I must disclose. I do not own a home of my own, so all of this net worth is cash, investable assets and retirement investments. I do include the $5000 value of my car, which is a guess, but hey, its something. Right now, I'm counting it. I could sell the car and likely get more than $5000. Maybe 1 day I'll feel comfortable valuing it at $1, but not right now.

I've also valued my commodity futures account at $0. I don't expect to see any dollars make it out alive. Oh well. I could be surprised, but I know options expiration is right around the corner. In fact, it may be today! Since I already have carryover losses from last year, this isn't appealing.

(And I'd get my money back from the Feds if the friggin' accountant had the K-1 finished, but who knows when that'll happen.)

My laptops are also included in there. My old PowerBook G4 is estimated to be worth $500. It served well since I bought it in August 2002. If I could get more for it, great, if not...well, maybe I should just mark that down to $1 too. The MacBook Pro on which I am typing this missive is worth roughly $1500 in resale, but thanks to the courtesy of wealthier-than-me friends, I paid $1000. (Thanks G.!)

Finally, I've got a CD ladder for which I have not received (or can't find) the latest statement. It was a horrible financial mistake gone awry in a rising interest rate environment, but hey, you live and learn, right? If there is any easing anytime soon, maybe it'll actually take a turn as a bright spot in my portfolio. However, if a CD ladder is a bright spot, then the world is pretty fuggin' bleak. I've had enough bleak this year.

Once my AmEx bill hits in the next few days, these numbers will adjust downward. Even after that adjustment, I'll still be over $100,000. That's the best part. Onward and upward, baby!

I do see a re-balancing coming in the near future. Many of my investments are WAY over their allocated targets as a percentage of my consolidated investment portfolio. That might be an exercise for the coming week.

Anyway, I think that covers the major points. Still grindin' over here. So until next time, good people...

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