Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Should Have Seen This Coming


I had completely taken my eyes off SUNW while I've been working on this startup situation then they go and do this. And on the schedule that I was expecting too. I haven't even finished my options app yet! So much for buying any SUNW $6 calls in the near future. We'll see if they hang above that tomorrow during the day, because those calls are definitely in the money right now.


Lesson Learned: Don't procrastinate on a good idea!

Lesson Learned: Thorough, thoughtful analysis can pay off. Do more of it.

It has been sort of like watching a public company that might otherwise be a CANSLIM candidate find its way to profitability. Granted, SUNW has been public for some time, but if I remember correctly, the "C" in CANSLIM means current earnings per share. Until now, SUNW hadn't had any of those for about 5 years. You could see them creeping closer though, especially after the "N" in CANSLIM - new CEO - took root. I was just a bit early, but the makings were there. So in that regard, I'm ecstatic. Now I just need to do more of that more regularly.

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