Friday, January 05, 2007

Lookin' Up

Or not.

I just looked at my portfolio update report and EVERYTHING was down. Ok, fair enough. It has been a rough week, not that I've been paying the closest attention. But damn! And still, my taxable portfolio is just a shade under $11,000. Now, I don't consider that too bad because I've ridden it up very well, and I'm overweight Japanese equities. Seriously overweight. I wonder how far it went before coming down to this level? Oh well.

My lunch meeting was cancelled, but I was able to slide in another one with a friend of mine who I've asked to advise on certain aspects of the business. Hopefully, the re-scheduled meeting will go through as planned on Monday. Now its time to spend some money. More investment in the business, but I will self-fund for as long as I possibly can. I'm seriously considering taking out a personal loan to avoid F&F or angel money. At some point, I anticipate bringing in "professional" investors, but I want to move that as far out into the future as possible.

At least the commodities rebounded today. Program buying, anyone?

And my laptop had returned from the dead. Whew! I thought I'd lost it once and for all. Thank you, God! So I guess I can say it was a good day after all.

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