Saturday, November 11, 2006

Net Worth Update

Time for a breakdown.

First, I've finally broken $80,000 in net worth. It has taken a loooong time to get here, so its even sweeter! I was on a roll last year and then hit a wall around 70K, as detailed in Net Worth Hump.

Anyway, even factoring in about 2K in credit card debt that I put on for basic household expenses and my California trip, I am currently just shy of 81K in net worth. This coming Tuesday, I'll be paying off a third of that bill so that should enhance my position a bit more. Things are coming along nicely. Too bad I'm going to take a short term hit due to a car accident on Thursday night. Some woman decided to hit me instead of taking a hit, or *gasp* slowing down, when someone was going to hit her. So now my driver's door won't open on my car, and I will need to rent in order to get a vehicle to drive to Atlanta this coming Thursday.


Its not that its a problem. I have emergency funds for this reason. But its a damn inconvenience. I do know that that her insurance company (USAA) will be paying for all of my damages and expenses. I made sure to call the police so that there is some objective record of the events. No witnesses pulled over to give statements, however. Considering that she apologized profusely to both me, my passenger and the cops, as well as the extensive damage to my vehicle and minimal (non-existent) damage to hers, I think its clear who is at fault.

What a waste of time.


James & Miel said...

Congrats on Breaking 80k!

Khyron said...

Thanks. Actually, a quick review shows the number at over 82K but I discounted the futures trading account value until I have a chance to review my statement.

Now, the trick is getting past 100K. Keep watching!