Monday, November 06, 2006

Balancing Act

Spent some time this morning working on my portfolio rebalancing. I used to do this almost monthly, if not more often, but I've scaled it back recently. I don't want to incur additional trading fees, even in the tax-deferred accounts, for constantly making portfolio changes. Just not worth it.

Its a bit funny. The old 401(k) (aka the good one) is approaching 30K on nothing less than market action. Since moving into this new 401(k) (aka the bad one), the old/good one has languished. I'm thinking about rolling it into a self-directed Roth IRA but I'd like to avoid those additional trading fees as long as possible (or reasonable anyway).

Anyway, most of the action will be in the taxable account. I'm looking at picking up some PRMSX and eventually some TREMX. These will be long term holdings to round out my international holdings. I'm a bit torn on the TREMX though and there's still a chance I will just move onto the FI side and avoid the TREMX altogether. We'll see. I'm looking for a bit of weakness in the near future to help make the purchase more palatable. But again, these aren't trades.

Speaking of which, it looks like I have to call my brokerage AGAIN and get the options trading stuff re-sent. *sigh* This is why I hate moving.

Until the next time...


Uncle Jack said...

You can get almost the exact same return and country exposure with EEM, and for 50bps less in expense ratio.

Not investment advice-just for you to have a look and make a comparison.

Khyron said...

Looks interesting. I'll do some more research on this one. It might take the place of TREMX, if anything, or be additive to the PRMSX position so that I don't incur short term capital gains on it. But thanks for the idea, Jack!