Thursday, November 30, 2006

Monthly Wrap Up

As November comes to a close, its time to take stock of where things are. It has been a long month.

For one, my net worth is in a very nice place. I finallly broke $80,000 in net worth. It has been a long journey. The next target is 90K.

My latest options play is starting to come around as well. Back in October I put in a option spread on January heating oil futures. With only a few weeks left until expiration, the trade has started moving in the desired direction. Woo hoo! I'll continue watching it today, as I may have to close out the spread soon. After I get my credit card completely paid off, I'll start moving funds back into my commodities trading account.

I made a small but successful trade on SUNW. I will continue watching that one, because I do believe there is more upside there. Maybe once I get equity options trading enabled on my brokerage account, I'll start trading calls on SUNW as well. That's the plan right now. Keep watching as I detail my adventures with SUNW.

The next big move I plan to make is on the startup front. I've got a great idea, and I think I've found the perfect partner to help me make it reality. We'll sit down tonight to discuss some of the features of our product and how to start building them together. I think this one may require outside investment in the near future, but we'll see. I plan to hold onto as much equity in this venture as possible, as the potential of this idea is, in a word, obscene.

All that said, let's keep moving and growing. I've been listening to Earl Nightingale's "The Strangest Secret" since yesterday. This came as part of a kit of materials from my membership in a local real estate investors group. I plan to continue playing this whenver I am at home, to embed its lessons into my mind. Good stuff!

Until next month...maybe...

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