Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Rough Week

Wow, this blogging stuff is rough. Or maybe its just the constant state of sleep deprivation I find myself in. Or maybe its the paper losses I just realized.


So lets recap. My REI partners and I are finally close to making some real progress on our first property. It took far too long, IMO, but in one week, we should have banked some refi cash. The lessons learned on that deal will have to fill another post. Suffice it to say that it serves as a solid lesson in how not to purchase property.

My unleaded gasoline October calls got massacred. OMG! Its surreal having your own head handed to you, but now I can honestly say that I know what it feels like. Events like this make me glad I don't have to support any dependents. While the $5K I'm down hurts, it by no means throws off the rest of my portfolio in any significant way. Same for the losses on the currencies. The post-mortem on those deals makes for another post or two, if anyone is interested enough.

As for my big long post, man... The thing I can least stand is that now I have to explain what is going on my head. Just follow along, dammit! (Oh, wait, sorry, I guess you AREN'T mind readers.)


Time to go look at the next charts. My pain medication should start kicking in shortly too, hopefully, because I really need to go to sleep.

Until next time, remember what Bill Joy said: "Hope is a lousy defense."

Damn skippy!

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