Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Lessons Learned, Part II

So I explained what went wrong with my unleaded gasoline position.

Around the same time that I opened that account, I opened an account with a different broker specializing in currencies. Now, for all the sexiness of currency trading, I've heard horror stories about them that rival anything you've heard in hardcore rap lyrics.

Anyway, my currency experiment has gone even worse than the commodities. I'll be closing that out completely soon. But this is a lesson's learned piece. The biggest lesson I learned from the currency trading is - OMFG! You need to do this shite every day. If you plan to do any currencies, just drop everything else in your life. You don't need them. Sex is overrated. S.O.s are time sink. To hell with a job. Friends are pretty useless too. Just sit at home in your underwear and trade your pairs. Probably best to find 2 or 3 single pairs and focus on them.

And dammit, when you're up, take the money off the table. Period. A win is a win.


Somehow, I think I wanted to say something different here, but I got distracted. There may be a part 3. Maybe...

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