Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Month end review

I haven't posted in awhile due to lack of time. Things have been incredibly busy lately at work and I haven't had too much free time because of other activities. Since I've been too busy to look for new stocks, I've been sitting on a good amount of cash and that proved to be a good move for this month. Most of the indexes lost their gains or only up marginally. For the year I'm still up, but I need to calculate my performance. Once I get some free time I'm going to use a time-weighted return and I'll hopefully post about this soon.
I did manage to get a copy of the S&P 600 small cap directory, so I will look through that within the next week or so. I've already skimmed through some companies and I know I'm definitely not going to look further into some of the service companies. Some of these companies don't produce anything, they just find the best service for you (tech companies). I don't see the big deal about this, and it just seems like an industry that can change way too dramatically.
Anyway, back to the May month end review.

I ended this month with a bigger than normal gain because of a few things. I have been keeping my expenses in line and I think everyone can do this if they just stick to a plan. Check out NCN's blog as he went from a good amount of debt to savings with thousands of dollars. It didn't even take him that long to reverse things because he had a plan and stuck to it.
Since I didn't work the last few months while I graduated/looked for a job I ended up getting a big tax refund. This is definitely a one-time thing and I think next year my taxes are going to get a little more hectic.

My end net worth is: $48,637

This turns out to be 6.76% more than last month. The year started with a slower growth rate and now things have started to pick up a bit. This also means that next month I should hit a nice figure: $50,000
It's probably not a lot of money for some people, but to me that is a very nice number!