Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Another Increase

Today the Fed raised interest rates for the 16th straight time to 5%. The markets acted with some volatility, but did not drop too much. The Nasdaq did drop 0.75%, which is a big amount, but the S&P and Dow held steady.
I think I might have found a few stocks worth looking into, which is a good thing so I can put some cash to work. Lately I've been seeing some of my other picks go up and I'm kicking myself for not investing. I highlighted a risky company awhile back, CUP, when it was around $3. It went down and I almost talked myself into 1000 shares at around $2.20. I didn't end up buying, and in a relatively short amount of time it has gone up over 100%. Today it finished up 17% and it's up another 3% in after-hours. It's getting somewhat close to their project's NPV (which doesn't kick in till 2009-2010), so there's definitely some downside risk.

In other news, I made a relatively small eBay sale but profit is profit. I have roughly three more items (possibly a fourth) so this will bring in some extra cash.
As of right now things are going along fairly slowly. I'm saving a good amount, my portfolio is up a decent amount, and I've had some other smaller sources of income. It's been a long stretch to reach $50,000 (a nice milestone), but I think I will get there within a few months (although I might have been there if I bought some CUP!)