Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Another down day

Well the markets were choppy and ended the day in the red. I wanted to say a few comments about the market and the blow-ups happening in some of the emerging markets, but a piece in Barron's caught my eye.

I was scanning through the new issue and there's a table with the first quarter winners in terms of institutional and retail money managers. Some of these returns were fantastic. They had columns for quarterly returns, 1 year annualized, and 3 year annualized returns. I was more impressed with the 3 year column. Here are some of the big ones (3 year): Insight Small Cap Growth (45%), NorthPointe Small Cap Growth (41.47%), Globalvest Latin America (45.4%), Strategic Corp Long Only (60%), and Ironwood Small Value (50.6%).
Now, when I have time, I want to check into these funds to find any available information. Sometimes funds put the core part of their strategy on their website, and it will be interesting to see what these funds say.
Small cap is the major theme.

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