Thursday, December 08, 2005

Quick Post

I finally received my reimbursement check for a little over $200. It was lower than I expected, but the rest rolls over to the next month. I already spent $45 from there on car maintenance...

The big things left to purchase are Christmas gifts. I'm not exactly budgeting anything (but I plan to shop online for a few items). If I had to put a figure on it, I think the total will be under $700. This still seems like an outrageous number, so I'm hoping the total amount comes in less.

I also paid for December rent ($300) and I need to buy some things for the apartment (bed, dresser, a few other items). My year-end goal is going to be hard to hit with all of these incoming expenses!

*I received some emails lately and I haven't got back to them. I will try over the weekend, sorry!

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