Monday, December 12, 2005

My plan for next Christmas!

I know it's incredibly early to think about next Christmas, but I did this weekend. I spent a lot of money on presents and also apartment things and I realized I didn't prepare for these cash outflows. I'm still not done with Christmas shopping and hopefully I'll find some deals online.

So my plan for Christmas 2006: ING lets you separate your account into different sub-accounts. For instance, some people have a vacation account within their savings account. This makes it easier to plan things out. Starting in January I'm going to set up a Christmas account in my ING account. Then I'm going to set up a weekly transfer of $10/week to this account. By the end of the year I'll have over $520 (because of interest) ready for the holidays. I know some work places have these types of accounts set up where it will take a little money out of your paycheck. It's worth looking into because they you will be a little more prepared for the end of the year.

I also added a new blog: Market Rider

Also, for some reason my blog template is not working correctly. I might change things later, and possibly move the blog.


personal finance advice said...

Good idea - it also helps to pick up gifts when you see them throughout the year instead of waiting until the end of the year. it takes some practice, but saves a lot of stress when the holidays come around. Certainly a step in the right direction.

wannabe_ceo said...

Or you can go into hiding every Christmas. I'm beginning to think about that.

Alpha said...

Someone at my work today made that comment that they should break up with their girlfriend in December and get back together in March, to skip out on christmas, bday, and valentine gifts.
That would save a paycheck or two!

bad credit advice said...

I didn't know that IGN allowed you to do that. That sounds like a great plan.

Did anyone hear of "Keep The Change" from bank of america? A visitor wrote to me about it on my site last week.

It looks like a very good idea from bank of america.