Wednesday, December 07, 2005

3 more weeks in 2005

There are three more weeks in 2005 and lately the market is having a hard time ending on a good note. We got our little end year rally that everyone wanted, but now it looks like the markets are giving some of that back. It's been a choppy week or so, and what's going to happen in three weeks to push the markets up? The majority of earnings reports are out, trading (and speculation) will begin to slow as the holidays approach, and things are starting to calm down. Maybe a big news report dealing with a stock (Ford? Time Warner? GM?) although some of those would be negative stories.

One stock I bought a few months ago has been doing rather well lately. TCHC increased their dividends by 50%, sending the stock from about $12 to $15 within the last month. I bought the shares in the $11 range, but my cost basis is less due to dividends.

The Personal Finance Advice blog recently updated a net worth list of finance blogs. I personally think PFA is one of the best blogs out there, so definitely bookmark the site. I'm thinking of a few ways to increase my net worth, we'll see what happens.
Also, Neo's Nest Egg updated a net worth list of bloggers, but this one is in chart form. It's definitely interesting to see how other financial bloggers are improving their net worth; it's also a motivating factor as well.


pfadvice said...

wow...thanks for the nice comments. I'm certainly a regular here too for the same reason.

Neo said...

Thanks for the link back. I am also looking into other ways to display this data.