Monday, August 15, 2005

A smaller list of ETF's

I received my first paycheck today, and I was pretty excited. I don't have any major bills to pay off, so the majority of the money will probably go straight to ING until I can figure out what to do with it. My first goal is to get my Roth fully funded, and this will start with cutting down my list of ETF's.

I started with the previous list I linked to and began to cut some out. My list was around 25 and now I cut it down to 10. Since I'm starting off with limited funds, I will need to pick from this (suggestions are welcomed):
Prices are of Friday's close
IYK- $53/ 1.47% yield: US Consumer Non-Cyclical
IYE- $86/ 0.98% yield: US Energy
IDU- $77/ 2.63% yield: US Utilities
EEM- $79/ 1.04% : Diversified Emerging Markets
EPP- $100/ 3.09%: Pacific region minus Japan
IWN- $65/ 1.59%: Russell 2000 Small Value
IJJ- $69/ 1.33%: S&P Midcap 400 Value
IJS- $63/ 1.13%: S&P Small Value
IXG- $67/ 1.35%: Global Financials
PGJ- $15/ : China

Of course, a few of these overlap so I won't be picking Energy and Utilities.
I might put in one stock in there: SFL 9.6% yield

I should also be able to add JSDA to my main portfolio; it's around $4.60

Two articles I've read today: One talks about 11 stocks from value pros; and the other is about 9 long-shot stocks.

Hopefully sometime this week I'll be able to add a few more blogs to the right side. Some are from those who post comments, others are just from searching around.

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