Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Net Worth Update

I haven't calculated my net wroth in awhile, so today is the day. Plus, I just deposited my first check (direct deposit starts next paycheck).
One thing to mention, ING raised their rates to 3.30% for those interested.

Net Worth: August 17th
  • Bank: $2,689
  • In hand: $40
  • ING: $6,266
  • IRA: $53 (almost done picking ETF's, then I'll transfer money over)
  • Brokerage: $17,925
Total = $26,973

My end of year goal is $32,000, so I'm about 84% towards my goal. I think I can hit it as long as my portfolio increases a bit.

I didn't see too many good articles today, so none to post.
HPQ posted results and investors liked what they saw by sending Hewlett Packard up 13.16%
I read a broker survey in a magazine recently (I think it was Smart Money) and it made me want to check out a few other brokerages. I'm happy with Scottrade and I used to work for them so maybe that's why I'm a little hesistant. Now I should look into other brokerages since the commission rates are basically the same, but other brokerages offer more services than Scottrade. I'm still reading up on options and Scottrade is generally conservative when it comes to options. I think I will have more/different opportunities at another brokerage.
I'll just add it to my list of things to do...

Also, I'm keeping track of my expenses and up to today for August I have spent $269. I really don't have any big bills and I'm not driving too much so gas isn't too bad. I'm not sure if this amount is high or low, but I know I didn't spend too much because I've been pretty sleepy this month! I'm going to track my monthly expenses, but I don't know if I'm going to break it out like some other blogs (bills, food, entertainment, etc.). I've been taking lunch to work a few days per week, so this will save some money.