Thursday, August 18, 2005

Quick Post

Just a quick post tonight. Thanks Afonso for pointing out Think or Swim for a brokerage. I've spent a little time after work checking out the site and so far it looks great! Low commission costs for stocks (minimum of $5), and really low commission rates on options. The minimum to open an account is $3500 and $0 for IRA accounts. So far, I've liked everything I've seen. Over the weekend I'm going to spend more time reviewing the site and software to see if I can find anything wrong about the site.

I've been following the story about Carl Icahn and Time Warner. This article off MSN is pretty good and it's worth checking out.

Also, the funniest Wall Street story I've seen has to do with Overstock, it's CEO, and their last conference call. I'll try to write up a detailed post about this later on, it's a very weird story!

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