Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Saving and Investing Seminar at Howard University on Wednesday

Yours truly has been invited to speak at Howard University next week. Specifically, for the Saving and Investing Seminar being presented by the Student Council of the College of Engineering, Architecture and Computer Sciences (CEACS). (Don't blame me. I didn't make up the name.) The president of the student council is one of my former "students" from my technical advisory days, so I guess he trusts me with the minds of his peers.


I have to admit to having a very palpable feeling of fear at the thought of speaking before a group of college students. This is a bit weird, as I have done these types of engagements in the past (just with smaller groups). I guess the fear has to do with being tapped as some sort of "expert" on finance topics. While I appreciate that, I am just feeling a bit nervous about the whole thing, as this is the first time that I have been asked to speak.

Don't misunderstand. I love sharing what I do know. I like helping people prepare for all of the potential issues that may arise. I want to help people move to a position where they don't have to worry about money. Simple math shows that speaking to a group is way more effective at spreading my message (me - message?) than individual consultations. So this would seem to be a natural progression for me. Still, I am (slightly) worried.

I do look forward to this event though. Personally, I take the fear as a signal that I should do this, that it is to be embraced and not avoided. That mantra has been serving me well this year. We'll see how it works out in this instance as well. So if you happen to be in the DC metro area next Wednesday around 7:00 PM, drop by the Lewis K. Downing School of Engineering building at Howard University to hear what I have to say. There will be a special guest as well, in the form of the estimable Ginger from Girls Just Wanna Have Funds. So if saving, investing, (personal) finance, and other such subjects appeal to you, you are welcome to come hear what we have to say. Make sure to introduce yourself as well. I know I personally like to know who is deriving benefit from this blog, and what I can do to increase its value to everyone.



Peter R. said...

Will definitely be there

Ginger said...

Your posts speaks to how I feel..."being tapped as an expert"...I do need to move away from that fear because the fact is that people do see me in this way.

I guess I want to stress that I dont know it all, I just have really great insights in this area and I love sharing them with others.

Khyron said...


You better otherwise I will make your life miserable!!!


(I kid, I kid!)


Yeah, we're in the same place. However, I get the feeling we have similar motivations for doing what we do. Just because you don't know it all doesn't mean you can't (and shouldn't) share what you do know. THAT is what might make a difference for someone, and making a difference is powerful and wonderful.