Monday, February 11, 2008


Woo hoo!

I feel smart!

I just decided to coast on over to just in time, it so happens, to find this little gem from Brent Arends in the R.O.I. column, suggesting just the move I made this morning. Although I didn't pick up a BlackRock closed end muni fund, a closed end muni fund I did purchase. I think I'll compare mine to his and see which one looks better. If I take a haircut on mine while I hold it, I probably won't bother with the wash sale. Its really not that big a deal for me.

Now I just wish bonds were a wee bit easier to trade for small investors like me. There might be some real treasures out there in the municipal market waiting to get discovered!

Oh well.

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javier said...

There are some great ideas here that I could use to get myself out of debt. Good job, I'll be back for more later.