Monday, February 11, 2008

Rebalancing Day is here!!

This one has a been quite a bit overdue, but I've been massively procrastinating with my health issue. Fuck, that even sounds like a cop out to me!

Since it has been a quiet night at the office, I decided to go through my investment holdings. I know that the Pimco funds have been racing ahead as the subprime, mortgage, credit market, whatever-the-hell-you-wanna-call-it crisis has been oozing through the financial system. Given their extensive holdings in US Treasuries, it was time to harvest some profits on those funds, and pick up some of the weaker players in the old 401(k). The new 401(k) is pretty crappy, so I haven't quite matched their investment options against real bloody funds.

Damn you, employer, damn you!!!

Once markets open, I'll be able to put in 3 buy orders for some funds to round out my bond exposure outside the retirement accounts. I found a nice closed end muni fund that I think I'm going to pick up some shares in, and 2 international and emerging market bond funds. My fixed income exposure has been weaker than I'd like. Also, international rates will probably be slower to fall than in the US, so those holdings still have some time to benefit from declining rates overseas. Its a longer term play, probably about where the Pimco fund holdings were a year or so ago.

In a soon-to-be-written post, I'll discuss my actual method of rebalancing. I haven't automated it yet, but I should look into doing so. A computer could probably do a much better job of figuring this stuff out, or at least a faster one.

Until next time...

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