Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Moment of Silence

If News Corp. succeeds in taking over Dow Jones, I'm canceling my subscription to immediately. I'll give Barron's a *bit* more time, but I imagine I'll probably cancel it as well. Guess I'll have to get ready to pay for access to and Don't get me wrong; both are supremely good publications. However, I find the breadth and depth of the Wall Street Journal's coverage of all sorts of topics, 6 days per week, to be unsurpassed. Its not always the best, but it is always interesting, and it spans the entire range of my interests. I am constantly sharing articles with friends and family. Under Rupert Murderer, I doubt the content will be worth sharing with anyone anymore. So sad.


laurel said...

i agree!

Greg said...

I've got all three and IMO they are geared for different purposes.

FT focuses on shorter and more concise articles that you don't have to flip to three different pages for (perfect for the tube ride to King's Crossing!) The Economist, a great weekly wrap of a myriad of subjects. WSJ, kind of a soup-to-nuts pub.

For me, to compare is therefore an apples and oranges kind of issue. They are such different beasts.