Monday, October 23, 2006

Weekly Recap

Last week worked out fairly well. Straightened out a few things on personal finance side, updating records for the 401(k)s and closing out the currency account. Hopefully that check is waiting for me to pick up tomorrow from my parents. (I recently moved and some postal mail is still being forwarded.) That will go toward my commodity account equity balance.

As well, I received some positive news on the real estate side. My partners and I are in the final stages of negotiating a new contract for a house to rehab and rent. That one looks fairly promising, and I'll keep you updated as that progresses. As well, I found out that another property I've had my eye on for some time can probably be acquired at a very favorable price. I'm maneuvering to put that together this week, once I can make contact with the owner. I think that one will make a very good rental as well.

As for the coming week, I'll be moving around some money from bonds that I cashed last week and managing inflows and outflows for various regular expenses. My tech stock play will finally come to fruition; we'll see how that works out. While I won't go into the name of the company just yet, I'll say that I am eyeing a covered call play which I hope to close out by week's end. While I don't expect to put too much into the position, I think it will be profitable, ex fees and commissions. In fact, now that the morning is over, I can say that we're off to a great start. I got a refund check from Comcast for $14 which I deposited along with some consulting proceeds. (Unfortunately, the currency account check has yet to arrive.) I changed my subscription to annual from monthly which dropped by monthly cost to $11.25 from $14.95. And I'm about to call my equity brokerage to add the ability to trade equity options so I can make the covered call play I've been mentioning for a while.

If I haven't already said it, I again recommend reading "Twilight in the Desert" by Matt Simmons. Awesome read. Scary stuff, but hey, that's life. Better to be scared yet informed and aware than ignorant and surprised.


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